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August 2, 2013
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HPA: Mann Dra by Bootsii HPA: Mann Dra by Bootsii
*edit: Aaaye I decided I'd spice this up since I was a bit in a rush to have this as an example application ono Here we go-

Mann / Manndra ♦ SHSL Con Artist ♦ Alive

Name: Mann Dra
Switches between Mann & Manndra
Age: 15
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Gender: ? Genderfluid.
I refer to Mann as feminine for the most part,
where as he refers to himself as masculine mostly.
DOB: May 2nd.

SHSL: Con Artist
Since a young age, Mann has been able to deceive people in numerous ways be it lying, bluffing, exaggerating, or even in a physical sense. She has been able to con people out of their money from school fundraisers to robbing kiosks at the mall to just random passerbyers on the street. As the full term is Confidence Artist, this ability is mainly used by gaining others' trust, only to trick them out of their possessions later. She often says that they have themselves to blame for letting her get a hold of their items in the first place.

Ethnicity/Home: English / England.
Extra Features:
:bulletblue: Has electric blue hair that is semi-wavy.
:bulletblue: Has dark yellow eyes that appear to be golden at times.
:bulletblue: Wears fingerless, black gloves.
:bulletblue: Between her arms is a red cape-like layer that straps in items like a trenchcoat.
Weapon: N/A

Personality: Mann is a con, to put it shortly. She is very skeptical of others and their actions. She can act kind and sweet to you one minute and turn frighteningly disrespectful the next. Though she tells people straight out that she shouldn't be trusted(or to trust her and end up betraying them later), one can find her to be very playful and energetic. She's very sneaky, sometimes appearing behind you when you've turned to look for her or can be found with one of your possessions in hand when she asks if you have it on you. She usually means no harm and is not fond of physical fighting, but she can be quite the tease. She can sometimes act jumpy, reacting to a single movement anyone makes out of being extra alert and on her toes at all times.

:bulletblue: Trinkets & collecting them/Shiny things.
:bulletblue: Gaining knowledge, lots of it.
:bulletblue: Any sort of game, puzzle, or bet.
:bulletblue: Candy, sour things in particular.
:bulletblue: Tricking people/stealing.
:bulletblue: Stalking people and following them.

:bulletblue: Being deceived/cheated themselves. Losing.
:bulletblue: Spicy things, overly fatty foods.
:bulletblue: Being told xe's short or tiny.
:bulletblue: Being interrogated about their gender.
:bulletblue: Other people's pets, pets in general.
:bulletblue: Trusting people.

Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Is wearing a school uniform. She went to a private school.
It appears to be composed of female uniform trousers combined with the male uniform blouse. She had the inner cape part sewn in herself.
:bulletblue: Her voice is very kid-like. When referring to herself as female, she tends to make it sound lighter than what it really is.

History/Family: Mann Dra is the child of Doctor Memphis K. Dra, a doctor specializing in heart surgery who had later began to look into scientific experimentation on deceased bodies. He often joked how he'd love to experiment on a functioning, healthy body but would only tell this to Mann as anyone at his hospital might've found him crazy. Mann's mother passed away two years after giving birth, making Dr. Dra a single father. Dr. Dra gave his child a pampered life, raising them in a spacious three story house (one that was meant to give every living person there their own floor) along with butlers and maids. The con artist was born and raised in England at a private school where the system was loosely built but with strict teachers that taught often of correct mannerisms. Because of the school's loose security and homework system, this is how Mann had began tricking those around him; cheating and finding the correct answers to things as well as bartering this material to other students in secrecy. As he/she grew up and entered her later years of schooling, that being late junior high/early high school, she found that not only could she deceive people at school, but to the people on the outside world as well. This started with school fundraisers, eventually leading to money frauds, and later on, burglary from people not being as alert as she was. With how well-off she was being the child to a doctor, it wasn't that she had to con people out of a need, it was purely out of game and strategy. She found the opportunity of the Hope's Peak Academy invitation to be one of a life time, to hone her skills and be around people who weren't as daft as those at the school who needed her help to sell them their basic education.

RP Sample:
*on a day where he is referring to himself as male, I'll be using the respective pronouns-

Mann: *the student narrowed his eyes, tightening his fists into a ball. Would transferring over to Hope's Peak be a good idea in the long run? Of course it would; he only posed this question to himself as a joke. Opportunities such as this one came once in a life time and he wasn't just about to turn it down. The only thing was... this was an academy. This of course meant dorms; a living establishment built into school with other people that weren't his dad. While he didn't have too many people around to appreciate(save for the butlers and maids), his father would be the person to miss. He was a busy man, but the time he had to spend alone with him was priceless. He could go to him in his office and show him all the new tricks he'd learnt in the art of conning. It wasn't that he needed to con, to rob people of their money. Like said, it was an art. The boy looked up from his bed where he sat cross-legged with the blankets tucked in all around him* Vera.. *his voice sounded strained, almost hesitant as he spoke out to the maid passing by his open-door room. He looked down, biting his lip as he flipped the academy's invite over to the side with the emblem imprinted on the envelope. A grin began to curve across his lips as he looked back up to the maid that curtsied at his aid* Fetch me my suitcase.. if you will. No no- two of them. The large ones. It seems I'll be away for quite some time..

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