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September 23, 2013
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HPA: Les Servante by Bootsii HPA: Les Servante by Bootsii

Les Servante / Mr. Servante ♦ SHSL Teacher: Servant ♦ Alive

Name: Mr. Les Servante (less sir.vaunt)
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Gender: Male
DOB: September 23rd

SHSL: Teacher: Servant
Les was born into a family line of servants, it being his very last name. Despite it originating with female servants in France, the 'Servante' being feminine French vocabulary for 'maid', their job was known to be taken very seriously no matter the profession's gender stereotype. Being a servant means knowing all the ropes of mannerisms and etiquette, a topic he is 'Super High School Level' at in being able to teach- thus making him also a SHSL Teacher. He, amongst some others possible to arrive, was 'hired' by Headmaster Monobear himself to be a teacher, but is trapped much like the rest of the students; however, this does not cancel out his employment. The teachers at HPA that is now under lock down, are there to ensure that the students follow the rules and not get killed for disobeying. Monobear rather see them undergo the despair and be killed by the hands of another student rather than having to use his own forces for troublemakers. He is simply, a pawn.

Ethnicity/Home: French / U.S.A.
Extra Features:
:bulletred: Has ruby red hair that curls in all sorts of directions.
:bulletred: Wears white hair clips. Though this hair style is not shown, he prefers to clip his bangs back.
:bulletred: His eyes are of a pale blue, but are seen as neon with his glasses turned on.
:bulletred: Wears digital sideways-oval-shaped glasses that illuminate and are able to be turned on and off.
:bulletred: Has an alarm clock as the centerpiece of his bow-tie. It goes off randomly and startles him.
:bulletred: The ends of his tailcoat are red arrows. A large red arrow points downward on the back of the vest.
Weapon: Defense

Personality: Les is a very timid individual. He flinches at the smallest of noises and can range from apologetic to quiet and aggravated when dealing with meaner sorts of folk. He is naturally a servant, thus he will fetch anything a student may want or need. He's very helpful and knows of all the rules to Monobear's new division, often reminding students of them so that they don't get in trouble and get themselves killed. Though he tends to cry easily, he will not break out into tears but rather hold it in and sob with a closed-mouth. Despite being a teacher, he has self-esteem issues, but is mostly seen trying to offer his assistance to others. Overall, he is a brittle baby who offers his services to you 24/7.

:bulletred: Stuffed animals and things with bows/ribbons.
:bulletred: Teaching others of mannerisms and etiquette. This makes him v happy.
:bulletred: Cooking, baking, preparing meals.
:bulletred: Talking to others and being around people in general.
:bulletred: Tea, cookies, oranges, and red velvet cake.
:bulletred: Protecting those around him, keeping them out of danger.

:bulletred: Being yelled at. Doesn't mind being demanded/ordered but admires politeness.
:bulletred: Quizzical pursuits, games and being questioned.
:bulletred: When his clock goes off and startles him.
:bulletred: Displeasing clients, not doing his job right.
:bulletred: Loud noises, hectic rooms and crowds.
:bulletred: Weapons, seeing weapons.

Additional Info:
:bulletred: His glasses are screens in front of his eyes. He can turn them off in which they'll flicker off, but it will just leave him with an empty frame.
:bulletred: His voice is very shaky and low, but is sort of high and gleeful when he is in such a mood.
:bulletred: His hair curls in on the side-burn parts, at his cheeks. There's also a distinct spiked curl on top of his head.
:bulletred: He won't introduce himself as Les, but Mr. Servante (this is pronounce Sir.Vaunt.) Though he omits his name as best as he can, he'll tell you if asked.
:bulletred: He tends to address the students as 'children', though he's only eldest by a year of the oldest students.
:bulletred: With that, though he is very truthful and will tell you anything and everything about himself, he will not admit his age.
:bulletred: It is rumored his real name is "Lester", but it is ultimately unknown and he will deny his name being a shortened version of something.

History/Family: Les is the only child to a strictly servant-operating mother and father, all three of them working from mansion to mansion across America, and sometimes to different countries as well, to serve their clients. Normally, they come as a family package to work at an estate with other servants sometimes as well. Only when the job listing was not long-term would one of them leave to work for a client looking for a specific servant (male, female, younger, older). Though they did a lot of travelling, they did indeed have their own private estate in which other family members lived in and tended to it. As their name got popular throughout history, Les had become known as one of the country's most outstanding student- earning perfect scores in each school he attended, serving his clients to the finest extent, and proving himself as an all-around perfect example of a young, chivalrous gentleman. Because of his constant travels, Les never stayed at one school for too long. It wasn't until he got the invitation to become an etiquette teacher at Hope's Peak Academy that he would leave his travelling family for awhile and attend school, full-term.

RP Sample:
nay :icongnimplz:

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